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David W. Stewart
Phone: (214) 998-4500
Email: sales@tructor.com

TRUCTOR® is the Registered Trademark name for a unique, patented combination tractor and dump truck vehicle. There are two TRUCTOR® model groups: The T-Series of Diesel-powered, Hydrostatic Four-Wheel Drive machines intended for North American and European markets, and the D-Series of Diesel powered, Mechanical Four-Wheel Drive machines designed for harsh conditions in developing countries. The D-Series is available for licensed manufacture in those markets.

Contact: David W. Stewart (214) 998-4500 for details.

TRUCTOR® Vehicles share these unique Features and Technological Innovations:

  • Patented Low Profile 3-point Implement Hitch and PTO
  • One-ton Dumping Truck Body
  • 3 Passenger Seating in Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)

T-Series Features:

  • Hydrostatic Transmissions and 4 WD in the 50 HP range.
  • 3-Point Hitch which locates draft loads at rear axle, (when rear mounted), and locates "Push/Lift" loads at chassis when Front mounted.
  • 3-Point Hitch has "Down- pressure"; PTO has infinite speeds 0 - 600 RPM, and has Reversible rotation(cw - ccw)
  • Infinite speed control in High or Low Range.
  • One Ton Hydraulic Dump Body.



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